Art Makes A House A Home and NOW I’m also offering my handmade wire-wrapped jewelry!!

Owning art is a psychological need.  Art serves no purpose other than to make its owner happy.  It does not have any function beyond sitting around and being admired.  Even if it is monetary gain, art makes its owner more comfortable, just by it being worth money.  There is a psychological need behind every piece of art painted, purchased, shown, and admired. No matter why the art is in your home, it is there because of your psychological needs.

Purchase Original Art: Buy From Living Artisans!

May I ask you a few questions?
How does your home make you feel the very minute you walk into it? Does it make you feel happy? Is everything you have displayed in your home over two years old? Does your home truly depict who you are or what 1000s of other people’s houses look like with their decor? (mass-produced art)

Are you someone that loves art? Could you see yourself being surrounding with original art? You can do this by buying from living artists and artisans!

Get in touch with me at Art By Glenda Eades, any time, and I’ll paint something special, just for you. I do commission work and paint everything from landscapes, buildings, floral’s to portraits. Whatever type of painting you’d like to decorate your home, I’ll help you out! I have 40+ years of experience.

Let Me Show You How!

original art
Original Art

Original Art Prices range from $155.00 up.
All paintings come with a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY.
The paintings are signed and dated.
Those prices include shipping within the US.

I will offer limited prints which will come with all of the above-mentioned.

Art Pricing Range
Original Art
              Glenda Eades         

If at any time you’d like to get in touch with me, just hit the link below and it’ll take you to my contact page!


I’d love to show you how you can update a room or your entire home and decorate it with original paintings or artisan works. You can take a lot of pride in choosing to put an original piece in your home!

If you need references to my artwork, you can find me on:

1. -which is a live gallery as well as an online gallery.
2. Also on an online gallery Art Pal (This is where you can order prints)
3. Emerging Artist Platform on Instagram
4. Amazon Handmade

Art By Glenda Eades Shop

Don’t forget to go over to the shop and look around. You never know if a painting will touch something inside you or draw you in!

Note: A lot of my blogs will explain the art that is for sale. But I also stick some info on how to do different things in a journal or a painting. Have FUN reading!!

I Also Offer Painting Lessons!

I also offer paint lessons for beginners to intermediate. If you’ve always wanted to learn, now is a great time to start!!! It relaxes you, is an excellent antidepressant, and a great stress reliever!!! I’m now offering them online, and that makes it simpler for everyone. No in-studio visits, unless you want to. I also love to teach kids ages 6 to 17. They can learn painting or learn to draw.

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