Original Paintings By Glenda Eades

How do you feel when you walk into a room in your home or office? Does it look blah, or bright and makes you happy? If your answer to this question was BLAH, then I have a great suggestion for you!

Buy From Living Artisans!

Are you someone that loves art? Could you see yourself surrounding yourself with original art? You can do this by buying from living artists and artisans!

Get in touch with me at Art By Glenda Eades, any time, and I’ll paint something special, just for you. I do commission work and paint everything from landscapes, buildings, floral’s to portraits. Whatever type of painting you’d like to decorate your home, I’ll help you out! (But, I mainly paint nature). I have 40+ years of experience.

Let Me Show You How!

I want to show you how you can update a room or your entire home and decorate it with original paintings or artisan works. You can take a lot of pride in choosing to put an original piece in your home!

I change my home decor a few times a year because I get tired of looking at the same old things. I’ll try to buy something new and then rearrange my older things around that NEW painting, piece of furniture, or whatever I decide to purchase, and it seems to brighten the entire room up! An original image is the very best way to change the look and feel of a whole room!

Contact ME~

Call me anytime for a free consult on the best colors to match your decor, and I’ll try my best to match you up with something you love. I would like to make original art affordable for you to have in your home!

Pricing Range

Original Paintings run from $155.00 up. Prints priced from $25 up depending on the size you want. All come with a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY, signed, dated, and the images are signed and numbered. This price includes shipping within the US.


                                                    Let me help you choose your Original Art for your home!

If at any time you’d like to get in touch with me, just hit the link below and it’ll take you to my contact page!



If you need references to my artwork, you can find me on

1. https://www.allartworks.net -which is a live gallery as well as an online gallery.
2. Also on an online gallery ArtPal.com
3. Emerging Artist Platform on Instagram www.emergingartistplatform.com/virtuallythere
4. Amazon Handmade http://www.amazon.com/handmade/Glenda-Eades

Art By Glenda Eades Shop

Don’t forget to go over to the shop and look around. You never know if a painting will touch something inside you or draw you in!


Note: A lot of my blogs will explain the art that is for sale. But I also stick some info on how to do different things in a journal or a painting. Have FUN reading!!

I Also Offer Painting Lessons!

I also offer paint lessons for beginners to intermediate. If you’ve always wanted to learn, now is a great time to start!!! It relaxes you, is an excellent antidepressant, and a great stress reliever!!! I’m now offering them online, and that makes it simpler for everyone. No in-studio visits, unless you want to. I also love to teach kids ages 6 to 17. They can learn painting or learn to draw.

See Sign up-pop up, sign up to get ONLY the latest news, and don’t forget, when you sign up, you get the FREE COLORING BOOK OF MY DESIGNS!!!

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