Blue Birds Chatting Acrylic Painting

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Blue Birds Chatting Blue Birds Chatting is an acrylic painting of a few little guys gossiping about something. But who knows what. The one on the lower branch gets distracted by that little butterfly. Close Up!

How To Art Journal 4/20

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How Art Journaling Can Help You! How can art journaling help you get started in art? I’ll try to explain and also inform you how it could help you with anxiety, depression, and stress! Note: I’ve started to only use … Continued

Lockdown 4/20

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Lockdown, No Friends, No Family, No Art Shows, No Nothing! Lockdown! No contact, no art shows, no nothing! On March 11th, 2020 the entire world was thrown into chaos due to the COVID19 virus! It’s caused everyone to be on … Continued