Buy From Living Artists 3/20

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Buying From Living Artists 3/20 Buy from living artists.  Not a big box store!  Like the dead, they don’t need the money!! Living artists do! When you buy from them, you’re buying a piece of each and every one of them! … Continued

Artist Block! 3/20

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Artist block! This is something I’m not really sure how to handle. But…I’ll give it a shot!!! Artist block! So how do I overcome this Artist block? Do I just put whatever on my canvas and just go with it. … Continued

Make A Living? 3/20

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How To Make a Living As a Living Artist?  I keep hearing that I “NEED TO FIND MY TARGET AUDIENCE” and so…..who the hell are they?  I sure don’t know!!  lmbo I’m going to be totally honest on this blog….so … Continued

Art vs Life 2/20

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Art vs Life; Is That A Problem? Art VS Life? Maybe I can do both.  Who knows.  I love to paint…I love living my life…so yup, I guess I can do both!  After all, to me, art is pretty much … Continued

How To Start Painting 2/20

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How To Get Started Painting? Let’s Paint! How to get started painting? Let me see, where to begin. I guess at the beginning is the best place! first online paint class The link above is actually kind of funny … Continued

My Art Therapy 2/20

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My Art Therapy My Art therapy….in a nutshell…After working for days just trying to set up a theme for my web page, I literally couldn’t even read the directions anymore! Not saying that would have done me any good even … Continued

Imagination and Albert Einstein 3/20

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Albert Einstein and His Views on Imagination Albert Einstein and his view on imagination. He was a total believer that imagination is basically more important than knowledge. Without imagination, basically there wouldn’t be any knowledge. “I am enough of an … Continued