YAY I Made It On Amazon Homemade 4/20

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Amazon Homemade Finally Accepted Me and I Feel So Proud!

I was in total shock when Amazon Homemade sent me an email telling me that they accepted me into the Homemade program. From what I’d heard and read on their site, it is almost impossible to get on there with paintings, jewelry, etc. But I made it and I’m so over the moon about it!

But I MADE it!! Woo Hoo!! NOW, I have another way to try to sell some paintings since all the festivals are being canceled left and right. But I sure will miss going to them! I loved doing them and meeting all the new people that would come into my tent!

Now To Set It All Up and That’s More Tech Mess!! Yuck!


At least I have my home page up and going. Now to set up taxes, shipping, pricing, etc. This will take me forever to figure out! It looks like it should be easy, but nothing that’s on the tech side of anything is EVER easy for me!! Just be patient everyone, I’ll get there, just like I finally got this website set up!


The link above is what Amazon Homemade is all about!! They try to help people like me get their products out to the public. And, on the site, I think I’ve priced all my paintings, so far, at a VERY reasonable price! Check it out and let me know what you think…OK?? Plus I’m on the competitive pricing thing that Amazon has. It’s cool!

Amazon Homemade
Tall and Red

The Tall and Red was my first listing. I love that painting!! To me, this one is more traditional in its look than most of what I do. It was fun painting it too!!

I’ve got to start asking my friends to come to visit my web page! I need some feedback from anyone and everyone that’ll give it, good or bad! So come on in and look around and maybe read a couple of blogs. It’ll do this small business some good for sure!!!

And Now A Couple Of Days Later…

We’re still on lockdown and no end in sight! I’m really starting to go stir crazy here!! Hubby listening to the TV LOUD!! (lol) Love my baby to death, but, I don’t know how long I’ll let him live when he actually retires! (Seriously just kidding)!!!!

I’m loving the time I now have to work on my blogs and hope I’m improving a little. Although I don’t think anyone is actually reading them. But, it keeps my mind sharp anyway! Besides, who doesn’t like talking a little about themselves? (LOL)

Since I’m on Amazon now, I’m being a lot more careful of what I’m trying to paint, which is a pain in the ass. I love just letting the paint flow. Now I’m finding myself being a lot more careful of every stroke. But, hey, if it helps me sell more paintings YAY!!

It’s actually surprised me how doing this now has changed me. Painting I mean. I do know that when I do commission paintings, I do try to be as close to the picture as I possibly can be. I guess that I have it in my head that now I’m actually painting for someone else other than just me.

OK. Now Its Just Getting Crazy

I just played a word/math game on Facebook. I really hate math of any kind!!! I would have to cheat in school just to make a solid D! (LOL) I really hated math and still do. It took me forever to figure the puzzle out, but I did it.

I did do a little survey to my Facebook buds and ask them what all the current trends in art are right now so when I paint something new to post on Amazon Homemade, it’ll be up to date!

That’s the worst thing about current trends…You NEVER know what people are in to at any certain time!


Make sure you click the above link and read the blog about buying from living artists!!

That’s all for this little blog folks.

Stay COOL, like I know you are.

But mostly, stay safe, keep that distance, and stay healthy!!

Live, Laugh, Love and Peace Out!

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