An Artist’s Way Of Fighting COVD19

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An Artist’s Way Of Fighting COVD19?? We Paint More!

An artist’s way of fighting stress is by finding a new way of painting, like in the picture below. I started this as a stress reliever because of the COVID19 mess that’s going on now. I really hate this crap!! And continued it for other stresses happening right now.

An Artist's Way
Abstract flowers are very colorful and would stand out anywhere you hung it.

Being A Starving Artist SUCKS!

This was my attempt at some sort of stress relief, just for myself. This is an artist’s way of fighting all sorts of ailments. I know it’s always worked for me! It really does help. I wasn’t painting this to suit anyone, or for any approval of any kind. This was just for me! So it was totally stressed free – free-flowing – and easy-going! It was a fun painting to do! Just follow the link below and you’ll understand it better. From A Living Artist

If anyone is interested in my paintings on Amazon, please feel free to visit my page!

Now, let me tell you what other stress-related crap I’ve been going through. Let me see….building this crazy website and trying to get it running right. This is not an artist’s way of fighting stress at all!!! OMG I’m still working on the Amazon thing and still have NO idea what the hell I’m doing! I’ve listed 29 paintings on there, and still can’t find one of them on the site. It’s crazy!!! What some people (me) will do to get their products or services seen by the public. Plus the hubby started building a chicken coop and is calling me away from my computer on and off ALL the time!

After all the crap I went through building this site…it crashed and crashed hard!! I like to have NEVER got it back up and running. BUT I did change my domain name.

It is now A lot shorter to type out. (LMBO) Is that not easier to remember than (lol)

So, this is another day, actually several days after starting this blog. I have a whole new site server and hope that it will run much better now. It took long enough to get it up…like 7 days to get it transferred to the other site! UGH

I’m Ready To Get Out of This House!

I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I’m ready to get out and about! I’m missing having my paint parties and setting up at all the festivals and I have a stockpile of paintings to sell!! I LOVE meeting all the people and making new friends!

I had already written a blog about being on Lockdown. You might want to check that one out. I think this sucks, but it’s better than getting sick and dying from that mess!!!

I heard on the news yesterday that Cass County IN was in a state of emergency because 900 new cases came in. It’s horrible and I pray that this goes away and stays away!! I’d rather stay a starving artist than get out in this for sure!!

We have a little ice cream place in our town. I LOVE going there to get me an ice cream cone or a pineapple Sunday. We are even practicing social distancing while standing and waiting on our orders to come to the window. But, it is the right thing to do for sure! Being a starving artist, painting is my way of fighting the COVID virus!

I’m actually thinking about have a public auction on my Facebook business page to see if I can lower how many paintings I have. Besides, if I don’t sell any, I can’t renew all my supplies! That’s basically what I do. Paint, sell and buy more supplies to paint more and on, and on. (LOL)

Update on the auction thing. Nope, didn’t work out. Maybe I need to do it live or something. I need to figure out a better way of listing things too. I hate all this mess. I’d lots rather do festivals!!

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