Battle of Logic VS Imagination

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Logic or Imagination? 4/20

Are you a logic or Imagination oriented? In case you haven’t noticed I’m totally NOT! Imagination is my favorite subject to talk about. Albert Einstein is my hero on this subject and I love all of his quotes about it. He was a logical man, but pulled HARD from his imagination! I know for a fact that all of us right-brainers art true believers in it!

(That’s right, I called us right-brainers. (LOL) I made that up and I’m still claiming it. I even added it to my dictionary).

For creatives, using the right side of the brain is everything. When we’re creating something, we usually don’t think logically about it. We use our imagination. And that comes from the right side of the brain.

When I’m painting I don’t think about anything in particular. I mainly just feel my way around or have a cool picture to look at and pull from it. If I find or someone sends me a picture they took and gives me permission to use it, I’ll grab it and let my imagination go for it!! The picture below is a good example of what I’m talking about.

Teal Blue and Pearl White Butterfly with a red flower.

Think About This A Minute

Think about this. Let’s say you put 2 people in a room…one a left-brainer and the other a right-brainer and they started a conversation. Let’s say on a subject about building a cool futuristic building.

The left-brainer would think of all the things it would take to build that building, every nut, and bolt, screw, and metal…but the right-brainer would come up with all new “ideas” to make that building look and feel like one of the coolest buildings around! We would be the one to bring it to life for the visitors while the logical side would make it safe, etc. (Boring)

Like Einstein said, “knowledge is limited, but imagination encircles the world”. So creatives with imagination to draw from can think of a lot more ways to do things than a logical person. (My opinion of course) They can think of things to do, but, they leave it to the logical ones to figure out HOW to do it. (LOL)

A Total Logical Thinker

A Blog I wrote about Albert Einstein

I have a cousin that is a total left brainer…and I do mean a total one. He went to school to be a lawyer, took business, some medical. I thought for a while that he was going to become one of those people that made a career out of just going to school. He has a doctorate and all the bells and whistles. He finally graduated with honors of course and is probably one of the book-smartest people that I know. He did choose wisely and didn’t become a lawyer. (LOL)

When the two of us start up a conversation and I try to explain to him something I’d like to do around the house or yard, or see built…out comes the calculator, pencils, sitting at the table thinking long and hard about it. And all I want is something quite simple, but pretty. Why is it the smart ones seem to over complicate things? He’s actually my hubby’s cousin and they are a lot alike in a lot of ways. But my hubby doesn’t try to over complicate things as bad as his cuz! Thank God!!

Talking to a very logical thinking person is so strange to me. We usually end up on the same page, but go in totally different directions to get there!

I Need To Hone My Logical Thinking A Bit

BUT, I guarantee you, the most logical I’ll ever think is working and trying to do things on this computer! This is the type of work I REALLY DON’T want to do!!

Yeah, this will never happen with me. I love using my imagination and it’s always served me well. It’s gotten me out of trouble, into trouble, and made me love art as much as I do! If I need to add something up, that’s what God made calculators for! (LOL)

Well, that’s it, folks. Till the next time. Have a great week and I’ll talk to ya soon!

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Imagination, for me, is the most important thing there is. Albert Einstein is one of my heroes because of his stance on the subject!

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