Designing My Website: Finally Ready After A Lot of Crying and Struggling!

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Art By Glenda Eades is Finally Ready!

Designing my website! This has been a long hard road for me to FINALLY have this site to the point I needed and wanted it to be. I’m finally happy with what I’ve done! I hope that from this point on, everyone will enjoy some blogging by me, get signed up for my email list, and receive a coloring book of my own designs. It can be an adult or a child’s coloring book. Either one will enjoy it!

NOW I can get back to my love!! Painting!! I’ve been working on the website, Pinterest, Amazon, Facebook, etc., OMG, etc.!!! I thought my lowly little old mind was going to break at any second! (LMBO) I’m standing on my head till this site is claimed by them!! Whoop Whoop!!!

The painting above was my favorite thing to paint for quite a while! I love painting nature, and a beautiful full moon rising is up there with my favs. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed painting it!

It seems that the weather is trying its best to start changing. Even though it’s sill quite hot and really dry in my part of the world right now. It just feels like its getting geared up for that change.

That change means a change in my painting as well. I’ll start in on fall painting, which is great for me with all the colors that happen at that time!

You guys keep in touch, subscribe to my emails, and receive that coloring book. Promise, NO SPAMMING from me. I’ll only send out things that seem important to me at the time and think you might enjoy it!!

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  1. Sherri Rogers

    Congratulations Glenda!! So proud for you. I love looking at all your paintings.

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