Ever Play In The Rain As An Adult?

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Drenched: Ever Play In The Rain as An Adult?

Ever play in the rain?
Drenched (Click on Painting to Purchase)

Ever Play in the Rain?

Ever play in the rain as an adult? This painting came out after a day of shopping. It was pouring down, and my umbrella was useless! So, I just put the thing in the car and went my merry way and let the rainfall as it may. After all, I was getting drenched trying to fight that crazy umbrella anyway!

I love the rain in the summer. I can remember getting to go out and play in the rain showers as a child. So the day I’m speaking of took me back to then. So after I got home, this little painting came out!

This particular painting was one of my last year’s images. This painting was before I had to learn how to market online, build a website, have a Facebook business page, etc. AND, you all know how much I LOVE tech stuff, right? (LOL)

2020 has indeed been a year to contend with for everyone! At least I know it has for me, anyway. I miss meeting people, as I’ve said in other blogs, but it’s so true. I miss the festivals, setting up my tent in the heat and humidity. (LOL) Having my paintings blow off the screens inside my tent and having to chase them down! (LOL)

Now I Just Sit Behind A Computer!

Now all I do is sit behind this computer, when I’m not painting, and that’s about it. I’ve noticed a few extra pounds hit me this year. All those pounds I lost last year came back with a vengeance! (LOL) Anyone else having that same problem??

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