Lockdown 4/20

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Lockdown, No Friends, No Family, No Art Shows, No Nothing!

Lockdown! No contact, no art shows, no nothing! On March 11th, 2020 the entire world was thrown into chaos due to the COVID19 virus! It’s caused everyone to be on lockdown to a certain extent. We can’t even visit with friends or family! I’m not happy with it at all, like everyone else I’m sure!

The government is trying to help by giving everyone checks and trying to curb the spread of this virus and I hope it works. The President said this morning that he wants businesses to still pay employees even though they can’t be at work. I hope that passes!!

I really feel horrible for all the people that are out of work and stuck at home. Small business is suffering like crazy, but, there’s hope out there for them also with money from the SBA to hopefully help them ride this out.

On Lockdown and Hating It!

I’m not like all the rest of the small businesses out there. What is going to hurt me is if the cities can’t hold their festivals like usual. I have a booth that I set up and that’s how I sell most of my paintings. I have so enjoyed the festivals and meet a lot of good people at them!

If things don’t get back to normal soon, my season will be shot and so will my business. The party side is already suffering from this stupid virus!

https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2020/03/21/coronavirus-america-needs-five-week-national-lockdown-column/America On Lockdown

After reading and listening to the news, which is so depressing, I’ve had to devote more time to my art. This is not a bad thing for me to do at all, but, I’m getting a stockpile of paintings!!

This is the main reason I started this website. To try to sell some art! That and to try to help as many people as I can to learn to enjoy painting for stress, depression, and anxiety, like NOW more than ever!

I find myself saving the draft of this blog instead of going ahead and hitting publish. This one has been a hard one for me to write! Everything is so upside down right now and all people want to talk and think about is the virus! I’m trying my best to NOT be one of those people!!

How To Help Ourselves Out?

I know a lot of people have started teaching classes online and trying to keep an upbeat attitude during this lockdown. I’m not really teaching any classes right now, but I AM trying to stay positive with everything going on.


It’s not easy to do right now for sure. The hubby’s home and off work, and he’s getting a LOT done around the house, but, he is driving me nuts. (LOL) I’m so used to being here through the week, all day alone, painting.

I’m grateful that I have my artwork to keep me sane. I did this before the lockdown, so I’m just doing what I’ve done for a long time now. I just wish I could get more people interested in art. I really believe it would help so many people!

Large Wave Crashing onto shore

Since we are all on lockdown, I’ve been practicing painting water. I’t has always been my nemesis!! Not sure why, but it tasks me, and I will have it, as Khan said on Star Trek!

Lockdown is really sucking, but I have a hobby and I’m working to improve my art. So at least, maybe something good will come out of this, for me at least.

I hope everyone stays safe, healthy and keeps up the lockdown until all is cleared! And I hope that is very soon!!!

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