Original Paintings: Just A Little Bragging

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Original Paintings: Just A Little Braggin

Original Paintings: Just a little bragging on my part. I was finally accepted into an art gallery. The following paintings were VETTED and accepted!! Whoo Hoo!

I've just got to brag a little
Three Sisters
A Wild Flower Affair

It may turn out to be nothing and none of them sell. But it feels good to have been contacted by them to put them in the art gallery and to represent me! Most artist’s little dream is for recognization for their works. I know that’s mine. After this, I just have to keep positive thoughts and visualize them selling and put faith in the Lord, and just let them be. They’ll be out of my reach for at least a year. I hope they find happy homes. (Sappy, yeah, I know)

I do use Arteza Paint quite a bit and now I’m an affiliate of there’s. If you’d like to try their paint, I really do highly recommend it! Especially if you are selling your art or putting the in shows!

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