I’m Ready To Get Out! Stir Crazy 4/20

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I’m So Ready to Get Out and Have Fun! It’s Called Stir Crazy!

I do paint parties on the side, and I can hardly wait to get some parties booked!! They are so much fun and I always have a blast. There a lot of work for me because I do all the setup, teach, then all the cleanup. But it’s worth it to see some happy faces leave with their very own paintings!

Then, the real “fun” for me begins, when I get home, I have to clean ALL the brushes that were used, wash the aprons that were used. This is after unloading all the supplies and bringing them back into the house. (LOL) Needless to say, I sleep well on the night of a party!

ready to get out
Fun, fun, FUN!

I’m Also Ready to Get Out For The Festivals

I have a stack of paintings that I did over the winter months and a lot more since we’ve been shut-in. I’m so ready to hit some festivals!! I absolutely LOVE meeting new people and even get to know some of them quite well. (I’m horrible with names and sometimes faces. I can thank all the brain trauma I’ve had for that).

So, if we meet up in public sometime and have met before, PLEASE forgive me if I don’t recognize you right off. You may have to give me some hints where we met, etc. (LOL)

Getting Turbo Charged
Attica Heritage Days

https://www.artbyglendaeades.com/wp-admin/Buy From Living Artists

If you get to come to a festival where I’m set up, please feel free to just come in and look around. You can’t break anything and I’ve noticed that teens and younger kids love looking at my art. There is no hard selling in my tent. I just basically let my art speak for itself. If you find something you love…great. If not, I’ll hopefully have met a new friend!!

Let your kids come on in and look around! I know they’re ready to get out!! Last year a mom and her 2 sons came into my tent just to look around. The youngest son found a painting that he LOVED. The mom told me that he always refused to hang anything on his walls in his bedroom, not even posters. So she gladly purchased that for him! And my head got a little bigger over that one purchase! (LOL)

I'm Ready To Get Out! Stir Crazy 4/20 1
He absolutely LOVED this painting!

So when I say I’m ready to get out for the festivals to get back into the swing, its an understatement!! Setting up the tent is a pain, but, after that, I have a blast!! And as you can see in the pic, that was just one of the happy faces I got to see!! At this festival, there were lots more!

I’ve been posting on Facebook that I’m ready to have a party, but it’s so hard to get people to jump on the band wagon. I’m so forgetful, I keep forgetting to write peoples names down that say they’d like to have a party! (LOL) My BAD!

One of these days I just know that the party business will take off and I’ll have more to do than I can handle. I look so forward to that day! (LMFAO)

During all this time off, I’ve managed to get a lot done. I’ve almost cut off my right pointer finger with a chainsaw, I’ve managed to put in an above ground garden, even with the sore finger. I’ve learned a new way to hold my paint brushes, thanks to that finger as well. (LOL)

I’ve also managed to get myself into Amazon Handmade!!

https://www.artbyglendaeades.com/wp-admin/YAY I made it on Amazon Handmade


You can go to the above link and check ME out. (LMAO)

From what I’m hearing on the news now, (I’m still writing this blog day’s later) the virus is peaking in Indiana. That’s still scary and people are still being very cautious! I don’t blame them, I am too. If I have to get out into public, I have the coolest mask to wear! I’m not at all embarrassed to wear it!!

Now, I just heard that wearing a mask does absolutely nothing, except maybe lower your oxygen level which is bad for your immune system. Now WTH do we do with that info. I think all this has gotten out of hand and people are just doing videos for attention! I guess it boils down that you either stay at home or no matter what you stand a chance of catching it. Geesh!

Well, I figure things will get back to somewhat normal hopefully soon. I know that I’m not the only one who’s business is suffering from all this virus crap! I do feel for everyone!!

The World Is Slowly Opening Back-Up 5/20

After hearing the governor the other day, we are now allowed to have small gatherings, restaurants are open to 1/2 capacity. AND I just booked my first paint party with my lovely Fountain County Wine Ladies!! Love that group! So far I have 24 coming! (teeth gritting here) It’s been a while since I had one and so, of course, I’m nervous! smh

I’m so ready to get out of this house and be with people again!! This has been horrible for everyone! People out of work, people getting sick, people dying, people scared! This is a first for the US and we can thank China for it all!!

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